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Omg, I am so in love with my mask.  I can't go anywhere without receiving several compliments every time I have it on!!!  It's the perfect fit and is very comfortable!!!

~ Ashleigh from San Diego

I recall when it quickly became a stressful time as Covid-19 crossed into the U.S.A. And when it was mandated that every commuter, worker, and shopper required a facemask, my first thought was to search the Lizz Russell website for mine. I just knew that Lizz could design a facemask that would be safe, affordable, and gorgeous. And, as hoped, I was right! In fact, Lizz was already designing a wide variety of custom "Love Masks" when I ordered six (6) for myself and a few close friends. When they arrived, the "Love Masks" were beautifully made and packaged. Each was custom designed to match the personalities of my meticulous friends; and subsequently, each one was highly cheered as the "perfect gift." Thank you, Lizz, for your commitment to excellence, and especially at tough times like these. Gratefully yours!

~ Vivian, Oceanside CA

Hi Lizz 

So sorry for the delayed message but yes I actually just received it a few days ago they are beautiful and comfortable I will definitely do a shout out, thank you so much!!! They are beautiful..

~ Hannah of Rancho San Diego

Hi Lizz!! This is Ashlei I just wanted to tell you thank you for the mask I just got them I appreciate it so much 🥰. At work, they are running low with them so I’m really thankful! 

~ Ashlei from Los Angeles

Hi Fam, I got the masks today and I LOVE them!! Thank you so much for your beautiful creations❤️❤️. I will show my girlfriends and send them your way if they want to order some for their families. Love you! 😘

~ Jeanette in Atlanta Georgia

OMG!! These are the most comfortable masks on the market. The material is really comfortable. 

~ Bilal Sr.

The packaging was perfect, beautiful just like you. I will post to ensure everyone will see it!!

~ Kesha from Atlanta

My mother and father and a friend were celebrating their birthdays, and we participated in the 100th drive-by Birthday Party, we were all wearing your masks, and we were on the Channel 8 news coverage wearing your masks, they are so lovely, thank you!

~ Peggy from La Jolla CA

I did and have been wearing the kick-butt mask everywhere!  I already washed it in my washing machine once!  It still looks brand it!  Have not read the book yet but I can say the pics are gorgeous!!!!!!!

~ Dominick from Marina Del Rey CA

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