Lizz Russell

Cocktails & Couture


Friday, May 25, 2018

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Westgate Hotel

Versailles Ballroom

1055 Second Avenue

San Diego, CA 92101

Hurry before tickets sell out as entry is limited to maximum capacity allowance. Celebrity fashion designer, Lizz Russell, raises the bar at this year's exclusive cocktail & couture show. Celebrity hosts and vip guest models will showcase her signature collection.


All couture, jewelry & handbags will be sold at the show at exclusive prices for one night only.

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Lizz Russell's


Fashion Show Highlights

LaJolla’s fiercest daughter

MBA; Publisher of the prestigious, The Social Diary Television and Film Actress, Entrepreneur & Animal Rights Proponent

Margo Schwab is alluring in Lizz
Russell’s Pool Party Blue Lips dress

After a childhood of calling both coasts home, Margo was fortunate to travel extensively, including the regions of South Pacific, the Orient, Europe and Africa.

Upon finishing her formal schooling with a Masters of Business Administration focused on International Marketing, she found her voice as a print and television reporter for society, fashion, and cooking. And now is Publisher of the prestigious, THE SOCIAL DIARY, which are books gilded in gold and filled with the fun and fabulous attending charitable events.


One of the standouts she met along the way was International Designer Lizz Russell whom she fondly nicknamed, ‘La Lizz!’


Margo immediately connected to Lizz’s design talents for their international flair and comfortable sexy but classic appeal. A longtime devotee, Margo applauds and supports Lizz’s charitable side too; in particular, for GBS.

In addition, Margo supports animal causes including Rancho Coastal Humane Society, the Petco Foundation, Lions, Tigers and Bears, Equine Protection HSUS, Last Chance for Animals, Coalition for Pets, and SNAP aka Spay and Neuter.


Currently, Margo is in production playing legendary designer Donatella Versace for Max Vogue The Musical, which will headline the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival. After which it will screen at fashion film festivals worldwide!


Margo has enjoyed the spotlight of worldwide hits like Baywatch and the mega surf movie, Step Into Liquid! Margo is a devoted wife to Scott Johnston, and fur daughter KIMA known famously as Red Carpet KIMA!!!

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Margo, Lizz Russell and Kima tag-team their
beauty in the Haute Pink Passion Collection
from The Lizz Russell Collection.


President & CEO of IT TechPros, Inc., #womanintech, Technologist, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Leader, and Founder of Alpas Athletix, the Inventor of the World’s First-Ever Patent-Pending Design, a Strapless Sport-Performance Bra.

Kathy David is an immigrant from Cebu City, Philippines, who moved to the United States at the age of 12. She is a driven opportunity junkie who has founded two successful companies. Her first company, IT TechPros, Inc., was founded in 2006 along with her husband, Jeff David. IT TechPros was an idea the couple discussed casually, and the company was formed with the purpose to offer enterprise-level and support to small companies. Their company is an award-winning Managed IT Services and Cyber Security Solutions and is recognized as one of the best I.T. services firm in their area. Her second company is Alpas Athletix, a women’s athleisure and fitness brand company. Kathy, a fitness enthusiast, was looking for a product she wanted for herself, but found out quickly that it did not exist in the marketplace. So out of her own need, she created the product to use for herself. Soon to follow, she offered her creation to women all over the world, and Alpas Athletix was born! Kathy is the inventor of the “Alpas Bra,” a patent-pending, world’s first-ever strapless sports-performance bra. It’s an alternative solution for women who hate getting tan lines on their chest, shoulders, and back that they get when wearing traditional sports bras while outdoors.

Kathy David

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The Robert & Estelle Benson Award
Winner 2018


Elizabeth Shank

My name is Elizabeth Shank and I am 24 years old. Last July, I had my life halt when I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and found myself unable to move from the neck down and on a feeding tube and ventilator within five days of entering the hospital. After 111 days of hospitalization, on October 19, 2017, I was able to walk out of rehab (a very short walk with my walker) and I finally found my way back home. It’s been six months since I left the hospital and I have gone from looking at a parking lot and thinking, “I can’t imagine walking across this, even with my walker” to hiking a 6-mile muddy trail and only falling once. During my varying  tages of this disease, I experienced an outpouring of support financially, emotionally, and spiritually from my healthcare providers and my community. To all of those who laid my foundation of support, I thank you. I never thought that I would feel so embraced by so many people. While in the hospital, I determined that I would spread awareness about GBS as a way to thank those who are supporting me in this journey towards full mobility and health. While in the hospital, I met Lizz Russell, a liaison from the GBS-CIDP

Foundation and she made the disease seem like it could be conquered. I hope to do the same for someone else someday. My GBS journey to recovery is not yet over but the best is yet to come. As Nelson Mandela stated, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Maya E. Young
Featured Ballet Tribute

Maya Young has great passion for dancing and modeling. She began dancing at the tender age of four years old. For the past 12 years she continues to dance on stage, in competitive dance performances and with the Elite Competition Team.  As a triple threat performer, Maya is cast in a gospel stage play entitled, My Life Matters, as a singer, dancer and actor. In addition, she’s on her Mayor’s Counsel For Education for the City of Chesapeake in VA. Last year she held the prestigious title of Miss LWAD 2017.  As a high school Junior, Maya’s number one goal is

to attend a top tier university after completing high school because she dreams of helping children in a rehabilitative setting using dance and movement to achieve their goals.

Lexus Jackson

Lexux is a college student with double majors in Dance and Psychology. She has trained in multiple genres such as ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, and more. Lexus is a beautifully disciplined dancer and enjoys creating new movements that express a wide array of emotions. Lexus often performs with professional dance companies and colleges throughout the San Diego region. Also, Lexus is an experienced model and has been a member of Lizz Russell’s modeling troupe for more than 5 years. In addition to keeping a very busy schedule, she works full-time for the City of San Diego.

Nan Catherine Pieper

Nan Pieper is friendly, self motivated and a very talented performing artist. Simply stated, Nan loves to dance! Since the beginning as a young dancer in training she has received numerous awards such as the Yellow Rosebud Award, Heart of Gold Award, Cultural Event/Educational Speaker, and an Officer of the 2019 Board of Directors. Completing her Junior year in high school, Nan is abundantly active in leadership and community service in her community of La Jolla, CA, and beyond.

                                         has made a name for himself not only in his choice of music but the way he plays it, with long flowing mixes that seamlessly blend one track into the next. Frankee has the ability to take control of the dance floor and to energize the crowd that is on it! Frankee started off at local house parties, teen clubs and eventually landed some of the hottest Latin clubs in San Diego. He also opened up for local artist like Ryan Bowers and West West, plus celebrity artists Hopsin, YG, Tyga and more.

Dj Frankee Traxx

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About Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) and Chronic
Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP):

GBS and CIDP are auto-immune disorders that attack your nerve cells and affect thousands of people nationwide. This year, Lizz Russell will present the Winner of the Robert & Estelle Benson Award, to Elizabeth Shank of Santee, CA. This award is named in honor of the founders of the GBS/CIDP Foundation International, a worldwide organization. Lizz has planned a distinquished celebration for Liz Shank. Lizz is San Diego’s primary liaisons at the local GBS/CIDP chapter. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the GBS/CIDP Foundation International and which is committed to providing support to those affected. They believe that every patient should obtain an early diagnosis, proper treatment & the opportunity for a full recovery. If you know of someone who is experiencing GBS/CIDP symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact Lizz at or visit her website at, For more detailed information about GBS/ CIDP Foundation International visit their website at

Estelle and Robert Benson, Co-Founders
GBS/CIDP Foundation International

Come Ready to Shop!
Official Lizz Russell Swag Shop ONSITE

All couture, jewelry & handbags will be on sale at Lizz's Swag Shop for exclusive prices - one night only. Get an outrageous swag bag of valuable gifts free with purchase.

The Lizz Russell Cocktail & Couture Fashion Show is proud to hold its event at the luxurious Westgate hotel. The Westgate combines charm and hospitality with every modern convenience. While attending the event you will enjoy exquisite details including chandeliers from Milan, French cherry wood furnishings, English wool carpeting and Italian marble that rivals the grand hotels of Europe. Enjoy an evening where luxury meets fashion!
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